Night Film Reviews is Going to The Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF)

Things are about to get weird!

It is with great pleasure and distinction, that this coming Easter, Night Film Reviews has been cordially invited to attend the 18th Annual Boston Underground Film Festival, also known as BUFF. Held at the historical Brattle Theatre, and expanding some screening at the Harvard Film Archive, BUFF’s 18th year is sure to be one for the books.

BUFF has always been a unique and very eclectic festival that celebrates the fresh and freaky films of cinephiles worldwide. From the US, the UK, South Korea, Canada, Niger and Poland, this small and very diverse festival is expanding each and every year, with a clear mandate of keeping Boston and all its hungry, flesh-loving and blood-seeking cinephiles extremely happy.

It is with great pleasure that Boston has opened its doors to Night Film Reviews, allowing BUFF to be Night Film’s first major US Film Festival, following coverage in of course, our hometown of Toronto with TIFF and neighbouring film city Montreal with the Montreal World Film Festival in 2014. BUFF, a recognized film fest that is uncompromising with vision from its programmers, selections and unflinching with its promise to delivering “Weird World Cinema”, has a jammed packed week full of some exciting and promising films, featuring some recognizable names on a Hollywood and International level. Featuring performances from renown actors such as Patricia Clarkson (Shutter Island) , Adrian Grenier (Entourage), Natasha Lyonne and AnnaLynne McCord (Transporter 2), BUFF is upping its game with its talent and of course, its film selections. Prizing the best of the fest with a demonic bunny (think Donnie Darko), 2016 is bound to be one of the best in BUFF’s history.

It seems fitting, what started off as an all-night film festival, Night Film Reviews is one of the only exclusive Canadian media outlets covering the festival this year, which gives the Boston native fest a new and fresh take from a media outlet that is used to covering the likes of huge Canadian film festival TIFF each and every year.

BUFF 2016 is quickly upon us. With only days before the official commencement of the fest with Agnieszka Smoczynska Polish film The Lure, it is refreshing to see a film festival committed to the art of film, most specifically in the horror, thriller and comedy genres. BUFF has never succumbed to the pressures of pop culture and mainstream genre cinema, instead, much like Night Film Reviews itself, the festival is adamant on showcasing local and international talents looking to push the boundaries of their specific genres, mutating film into a twisted and very morbid movie going experience, showcasing the power of underground and avant-garde cinema. Now this is a festival to get excited about.

So without further ado, here are some of the films we are excited to check out in 2016.

Antibirth (2016, USA, 94 Minutes)


Director: Danny Perez
Screenwriter: Danny Perez
Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Chloë Sevigny, Matt Webber, Emmanuel Kabongo and Jessica Greco

When Lou (Natasha Lyonne) wakes up one day and thinks she might be pregnant, with something or someone, she seeks help from friends and strangers to determine if one hazy night is really just a bad dream, or distorted reality.

Cash Only (2015, USA, 90 Mins)

Cash Only

Director: Malik Bader
Screenwriter: Nickola Shreli
Cast: Nickola Shreli, Stivi Paskoski, Malik Bader

A visceral crime drama, Cash Only tells the story of Elvis Martini (Nickola Shreli), a widower and guilt-wracked un- lucky dad with a heart of gold. Deeply flawed, but presented with an unquestionable pathos even as his desperation leads to criminality, his good intentions give way to increasingly terrible decisions and absolutely untenable financial solutions that will culminate in a frantic race against the clock.

Chasing Banksy (2015 | USA | 93 minutes)

chasing banksy

Director: Frank Henenlotter
Screenwriters: Frank Henenlotter & Anthony Sneed
Cast: Anthony Sneed, Will Cooper, Brian Faas, Drew Freed

A heist, caper comedy, Anthony (Anthony Sneed), a New York Street artist, lives paycheck to pay-check, working in a record store to finance his guerilla street pieces. He’s never cared about money, it’s for love of the art. But when he realizes that some street art could potentially be worth money in the ridiculously priced New York art world, Banksy newest piece located in New Orleans called “Trumpet Boy,” looks to be a good catch.

Stray Dog (2015, Canada, 15 Mins)


Director: Michael Mazzuca
Screenwriter(s): Michael Mazzuca & Stu Marks
Cast: Tony Nardi and Alex De Jordy

After a busy night of some dirty business, middle man mobster Giorgio “Pooch” Puccini (Tony Nardi) makes his way home on Christmas Eve, to get his kids presents wrapped and under the tree. It isn’t until a shadowy figure on the street emerges, that sets Pooch’s night into a whirlwind of confusion and chaos. #straydogshort  Twitter: @cfccreates @mike_mazzuca @girlsandbicycles

March 2016 is looking to being weird, and BUFF has a lot to do with it. Stay weird readers and Viva la révolution underground!

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