New Discovery–Toronto Spotlight: The Mavericks

Are You Ready for the Revolution? 

Every so often, I have the pleasure of finding little gems when it comes to short films, trailers and teaser for truly original and captivating content. Luckily for myself, I was able to stumble upon this new teaser trailer for a web series collaborated together by local Toronto talent.

Director Michael Mazzuca, a filmmaker who has been in the Toronto film scene for the last few years now, has released a short yet absolutely mind-blowing teaser for a new web series in development. The official synopsis and concept is;

In a future totalitarian society, a lowly high school teacher with a dark secret is forced to risk everything when her sly former student is targeted by the secret police.

The teaser, which is a short two minute introduction to a main character, mixes the very real issues plaguing Western nightmares today, as well as blending science-fiction, fantasy and the supernatural in for good measure. Think V for Vendetta meets X-Men. The trailer as well as the web series’ official Facebook page is below.

Take a chance; discover and see what the future of filmmaking has in store below.

The Mavericks is a web series idea conceptualized by writer director Michael Mazzuca and writer Sandro Cataldo. The teaser stars Cara Ricketts and Kevin Monster. Check it out below.

Support local. Support The Mavericks!





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