About Us

As the fresh, new and unscathed voice of film criticism, Night Film Reviews is on a ferocious journey to becoming a reliable source of intrepid film critiquing. 

Art is an incredible mediator of recollecting fantastic moments. Remembering past dates and memories surrounded by instances in the theatres is a wonderful feeling. Moments like remembering your first date with the love of your life, to hearing unexpected news when leaving a theatre, magical movie moments flood the memories of our lives.

Here at Night Film Reviews, we can share how so many memorable movie moments shaped our lives; from watching Christopher Nolan’s Memento (2000) and how it changed our perception of art and film, to our first experience at the Toronto International Film Festival and meeting the director of the unexpected winner of the audience award in 2006, to fatefully meeting two of our greatest inspirations in the world of film criticism in the form of Scott Foundas of Variety and the humble Elvis Mitchell of the New York Times, film provides moments of unequivocal bliss.

It seemed only fitting to name our website after one of the few consistencies film has maintained since its inception, and that is its darkness; the night. Whether you’re experiencing a film in a drive-in, in a theatre at the multiplex or in the basement of your parents home, those images on screen come vividly to life once engulfed by the night. A realm of so many different worlds, characters and stories, the night is the only true home to films greatest accomplishments. It is with great honour that, as readers, you may call Night Film Reviews your home; and allow, once again, for the night, to engulf your cinematic appetite. Our goal is not to dictate your cinematic choices, rather, our goal is to inform, educate and create awareness of the language of film, to the best of our abilities, and discover films that can continue to blossom the wonderful memories of your life.

And for that…we thank you.

Happy Readings.

Carpe Noctem.



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