Interview: Markees Christmas Versus The World–From YouTube Sensation to Indie Darling

Toronto–The world of cinema is one that is quite unpredictable yet, surprisingly fulfilling when things go your way. If you don’t believe it, just ask Markees Christmas. Christmas, a YouTube sensation who just recently made his feature film debut in Chad Hartigan’s Morris From Americaa coming of age romance that blew the independent film world off its shoes earlier this year at Sundance, and continues to make it mark everywhere it goes, is surely on its way to gaining some momentum come award season. Continue reading

Film Review: Café Society

At eighty years young, Woody Allen delivers his forty-sixth (yup, you read that right) feature film with Café Societya bourbon basked narrative feature showcasing the wonderfully vibrant jazz era of the 1930’s, where the magic of the movies is very much alive; nightclubs are bustling with life, traces of the gangster underworld are closer than ever and love is a feeling as whimsical as ever in a parallel tale spanning from Hollywood to New York City. Continue reading

The Absolute Best Films of 2015

Another year, another best and worst list to report. I have to clearly state that, the highlight of my career and choice to be a film critic and blogger for film, truly resonates from this list and the constant praise and happiness I provide viewers, friends, family and strangers with comments and the thanks for allowing them the opportunity of making aware such films that express so many emotions. Night Film Reviews is dedicated to the big, small and almost completely unknown films that fill your days with love, happiness, sadness and all the wonderful emotions in-between. Continue reading

Film Review: Fifty Shades of Black

It was only a matter of time that someone came along and spoofed the widely popular and highly alluring pop-culture phenomenon that was Fifty Shades of GreyWhat isn’t surprising is that spoof specialist and kinda, sorta washed up actor/writer Marlon Wayans was the one to do so. Wayans, whose previous parody films include A Haunted House 1 & 2, Dance Flick and Scary Movie 1-4 brings forth a very important question with his newest spoof feature Fifty Shades of Blackis the spoof film finally, officially dead?  Continue reading