TIFF 16: Infinite Views

Here it is, it is once again time and amongst us again, the Toronto International Film Festival, or, more famously referred to as, TIFF. TIFF or TIFF16 if you are hash tagging anything this year, is the 41st Year of the Toronto International Film Festival, and we couldn’t be happier to share our third year covering the fest. This year more than every year, we are covering more films, have some big name interviews coming your way and have a ton of fun, exciting and new content for all our readers.  Continue reading


Film Review: London Has Fallen

Action movies, regardless of their explicit intent or savage coincidences, always tend to be a blend of entertainment, and implicitly, a political mine-field waiting to be criticized for its portrayal of the bad guys. Bad guys, no matter how hard you try to justify them, are always the main concern and heavily scrutinized subject of many critics and talks within action movies. Now, after 2013’s obsession with White House abduction movies, White House Down and the original Olympus Has Fallen, which spawned our currently reviewed London Has Fallenits hard not to be political when the main players in the film are today’s world leaders.  Continue reading

Review: I, Frankenstein

I can just imagine what the pitch meeting for I, Frankenstein was like…It was probably a lot like, if not identical to, the pitch about a long feuding history between vampires and werewolves that have taken over the city’s underworld, with a love story thrown in there just for fun. Alas, from the producers of Underworld, with some of the same actors in Underworld, and with the exact same narrative of Underworld , comes…not Underworld, but I, Frankenstein. If you’re confused, stay with me. Continue reading