Film Review: The Overnight

The notion play-date is one that is easily understandable in the world of children. Play-dates imply when children are taken to specific locations, play, interact, laugh, cry and then, eventually go home to rest for the next day of their exciting and fruitful lives. The terms and conditions of the play-date for adults are still, for the most part, under strict and heavy analysis and consideration. The Overnight is a film that looks to push the boundaries of adult play-dates, often times with unexpected, shocking, and completely bewildering results.

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Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

One of the very fortunate aspects of the film form, aside from affective story-telling techniques, is the value of its aesthetic beauty. From A Good Year set in the Italian vineyards in 2006, to Leap Year set in the gorgeous greenery of Ireland in 2010, to this years ominous neon death-ground Only God Forgives, the location of a film becomes as much a character as the characters in the film themselves. Sadly, as infamous photographer Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn) so eloquently puts it, “beautiful things don’t ask for attention”, and Ben Stiller‘s newest directorial entry is a film that begs for a lot of attention and recognition while still looking good. Continue reading