The Best and Worst of 2017…Thus Far

Welcome to 2017!

This year promises to be a very fulfilling year for cinema, especially given that 2016 was such a monumental year for the medium, I mean, just look at what happened at The Academy Awards earlier this year? Two Best Picture winners? While I truly believed that Moonlight championed its rival in 2016, both Moonlight and La La Land will always be, famously and unanimously associated with one another.

Luckily for us, no matter how many years pass, cinema always seems to be evolving, for better, or for worse, depending how you see it [depending on how much of an optimist or pessimist you are]. Whether it be the forum of the medium, the medium itself, its format or just the way stories are told and presented, cinema is a child constantly growing up.  Continue reading

Film Review: Nightcrawler

In 2012, Aaron Sorkin piloted a television program that educated, informed and entertained by nit-picking the issues of modern day television broadcasting, information distribution and most of all, societal perception. Luckily, I was able to stumble upon a clip of the opening monologue of the show via YouTube, which was recommendation by a friend. The monologue, delivered by Will McAvoy, played by the audacious Jeff Daniels, is single handedly, one of the greatest monologues in television history, describing the issues with contemporary American politics, government, its people and most of all, the media. Approaching its third (and final) season, The Newsroom has proved to be a champion of debunking the public’s predictive perspective of hyped up terror scares, exploitation news broadcasting and television, as well as ginned up controversy. Continue reading