Film Review: Warcraft

Ok, first and foremost, I will begin this review by saying that I am not, and never have been a Warcraft player of any sort; meaning, I have not touched the online game, board game, card game or any Warcraft product since its inception. So, going into Duncan Jones’ third directorial feature film WarcraftI was a complete outsider amongst an army of loyal and very aware Warcraft users. Unlike most built-in audiences, each and every person who was in attendance of the early screening, possessed none of the typical geeky, fan-boy characteristics I have come to expect from franchises such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings film franchises. So, how did I feel finally being an outsider and what exactly did the audience I attended the screening looked like? Continue reading

Film Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

I bet that if I were to ask the majority of the main demographic watching Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend what the acronym BDSM stands for, I would get a very unsatisfied and baffled answer. Low and behold, welcome to the world of popular culture and worldwide phenomenas for no damn good reason. Continue reading