Slaying the Canadian Micro-Budget: Interview With Don’t Get Killed In Alaska Filmmaker Bill Taylor & Star Tommie-Amber Pirie

Toronto–November 7th is a big date for the 2014 North American Box Office.

The weekend marks the beginning of the year’s Holiday movie season, with Christopher Nolan’s newest epic Interstellar and Disney’s hopeful money maker Big Hero 6 hitting megaplexes in wide release in search of big profit to justify massive investment by their respective studios. Costing an estimated $165 million each, both will look to gross in excess of a billion dollars, continuing the trend of Nolan’s films and Disney’s Frozen. With that said, Toronto has become an essential tool in the marketing and hype-building of these mega-budget blockbusters, mostly within Canada, but thankfully hasn’t lost it’s unique ability to introduce darling indies to the world either. Director Bill Taylor and actress Tommie-Amber Pirie’s film Don’t Get Killed in Alaska is one of those darling indies Canada’s movie capital gets to unleash on the movie world this weekend. When asked how he feels opening his film on the same day as Nolan’s much anticipated sci-fi tale, Taylor responds, “I could care less. People who are coming out to see my film are coming to enjoy the great talent that is found all around this amazing city”. I think he was on to something. So began our discussion of the hugely Canadian film made on a teeny-tiny budget.  Continue reading