Film Review: Swiss Army Man

Going into Swiss Army Manyou cannot help but be prepared for the preposterous narrative at hand. I mean, the narrative is simple, well, kind of simple…well, not really.  Continue reading

Review: Kill Your Darlings

It’s no surprise that some of the most effective works of the Beatnik generation were born in the scuzzy halls of jazz bars; soaked with whiskey induced grammar, intoxicated with muddled philosophies, their pages bathed in the permanent smell of tobacco. Much like the work of Lewis Carroll, drugs, alcohol, and culture were catalysts towards the ideology of destroying the old and building the new. The movement itself was a rousing feat with great cultural ramifications. The film itself is a work that sometimes trades in the grainy for flashy; rupturing not only the pattern that the authors were trying to break, but the whole tone of the film as well. Continue reading