Sizzling Rhythmic Passion: Interview with Nose To Tail Actor Aaron Abrams

Written By: Lucas Nochez

Toronto–Aaron Abrams has built up a very successful career playing the jerk in film and television, and this is by no means a reflection of my second interview with the multi-talented actor, producer and writer. Continue reading

Death By A Thousand Cuts: Exclusive Interview with Kitty Green

Lucas Nochez–Toronto

The year is 2017, the month is October and the film world changed forever when dozens of women came forward and made very strong and convincing accusations that Hollywood mogul and highly respected film producer Harvey Weinstein engaged in acts of sexual harassment, assault and rape. What began next, was a movement; a step towards change, towards self-respect and addressing how women in the film industry have always taken a passenger seat to men in all areas. Continue reading

A Hole To The Heart: An Interview with Filmmaker Martin Edralin and Star Ken Harrower

Toronto–Unbeknownst to me at the time, but the interview I had planned on the first Friday afternoon of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival was going to have an unofficial theme; determination.

Coincidentally, during the discussion, we so happened to draw upon one of my favourite myths from Greek mythology, the myth of Sisyphus. The story of Sisyphus tells of the plight of a King, who is punished for his deceit, and is tasked eternally to push a boulder up a hill, only to have the boulder roll back down by day’s end. Hole may not be a cinematic interpretation of this myth by any means, but the process of how it was made just might be.   Continue reading