Film Review: Morris From America

Funny enough, but ever since my success with my review of the highly stylized and powerful street-drama Kicks, it seems that I have become the unofficial urban/hip-hop critic of the city of Toronto. Which isn’t a bad thing, especially when you are reviewing some kick ass, cutting edge coming-of-age stories. Continue reading

BUFF18 2016: The Lure & A Mermaid Tale

A Mermaid Tale –Short


The first frames of the Boston Underground Film Festival begin with veteran commercial director Stephen Franciosa Jr.’s newest short, A Mermaid Tale. While the style and category of film type will spoil the short as a whole, we are inclined to say that this is a genre-bending short that really has you laughing in amazement for a very short while, yet has you gripping your seat in suspense and utter disbelief in a moment’s notice. I would highly recommend to see this short immediately.

Night Film Reviews: 7 Out of 10 Stars.

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