Film Review: A Private War

There are names that you hear growing up while studying journalism, reagrdless of the specific area or field of journalism you decide to station yourself in. In entertainment journalism, although hardly ever really dangerous (with the exception of some volatile celebrities), the truth matters almost as much as our opinion, after all, film is art; and art is as objective as, well, perhaps the most objective thing in the world. Yet, studying journalism in any field, its hard not to come across the name of Marie Colvin, one of, if not the most celebrated war correspondent in the world.  Continue reading

Film Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

I bet that if I were to ask the majority of the main demographic watching Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend what the acronym BDSM stands for, I would get a very unsatisfied and baffled answer. Low and behold, welcome to the world of popular culture and worldwide phenomenas for no damn good reason. Continue reading