TIFF 16: Infinite Views

Here it is, it is once again time and amongst us again, the Toronto International Film Festival, or, more famously referred to as, TIFF. TIFF or TIFF16 if you are hash tagging anything this year, is the 41st Year of the Toronto International Film Festival, and we couldn’t be happier to share our third year covering the fest. This year more than every year, we are covering more films, have some big name interviews coming your way and have a ton of fun, exciting and new content for all our readers.  Continue reading

Review: 47 Ronin

Keanu Reeves may not be the best actor working today. His monotone delivery is one that is easily recognized and yet constantly scrutinized by critics and audiences alike. Ironically enough, Reeves has been one of the most bankable stars working in the last two decades, always recouping a film’s budget if not surpassing it altogether and drawing in huge profits. Unfortunately, Reeves has had a taste of his first blockbuster bomb, and after almost 20 years as a recognized Hollywood star, it’s admirable to know that it took this long for him to have a bomb of a film. What’s more admirable in the Reeves canon, however, is how dedicated he is to honouring Asian culture and his constant efforts to preserve the integrity and authenticity of folklore throughout its transition to the big screen. For that, Reeves is an actor who may not be in-line for an Oscar but one who I am proud to call a fine Canadian and preserver of ancient Japanese and Chinese culture.  Continue reading