Film Review: Johnny English Strikes Again

In a world filled with serious and kick-ass James Bond’s and Ethan Hunt’s, especially after the expectedly explosive summer blockbuster season and approaching the very serious fall award season fair, one man and one film aims to give audiences the laugh-out-loud moments and gags everyone deserves. Johnny English Strikes Again may be a Rowan Atkinson vehicle for a once applauded physical-comedy actor to cash a cheque in a cultural landscape where audiences are obsessed with uber realism and knock-your-socks off action, but the placement of the newest English film may be the spy’s most daring mission yet.  Continue reading

Film Review: The Water Diviner

In June of 2015 one of my favourite HBO shows of all time will make its debut on the silver screen. While Entourage may not be the greatest television show ever created, it sure does succeed in allowing its main demographic to fantasize about fame and fortune. It is true that the Entourage film has very little to almost zero relevance to The Water Diviner, but its subject matter (a very eager Hollywood star, in this case, the fictional Vincent Chase making his directorial film debut) does. Now you may be asking, what is the point here?  Continue reading