Film Review: London Has Fallen

Action movies, regardless of their explicit intent or savage coincidences, always tend to be a blend of entertainment, and implicitly, a political mine-field waiting to be criticized for its portrayal of the bad guys. Bad guys, no matter how hard you try to justify them, are always the main concern and heavily scrutinized subject of many critics and talks within action movies. Now, after 2013’s obsession with White House abduction movies, White House Down and the original Olympus Has Fallen, which spawned our currently reviewed London Has Fallenits hard not to be political when the main players in the film are today’s world leaders.  Continue reading

Film Review: Dirty Grandpa

Okay, I know what you all may be thinking, Dirty Grandpathe newest comedy featuring Robert “Refusing To Take A Pay-Cut” De Niro is just another sad excuse of a comedy featuring a world-class veteran actor whose acting days are numbered and career is slowly fading? Actually, the fact of the matter is, Dirty Grandpa is a very funny, very over-the-top, very rambunctious comedy with nothing but entertainment value, laughs and some good old-fashioned Hollywood fun at the movies, poking redeem fun at itself following the heavy and highly melodramatic Oscar burdened December month.  Continue reading

Film Review: Yves Saint Laurent

Becoming a trend-setter in the fashion industry can be quite the challenge, but making a fashion movie with some cinematic and historical merit is the real challenge many have been willing to accept, and have failed miserably. Even though there are so many irreplaceable names within fashion with such interesting stories to tell (Dior, Arden, Versace, Ford, Varvatos, Gucci and Chanel to name a few), director Jalil Lespert chooses Yves Saint Laurent; one of the few fashion icons to have his pieces of high fashion and considerably iconic art pieces displayed in museums and prestigious art galleries around the world. Yet, with Yves Saint Laurentwe aren’t quite sure if that is simply enough for a biopic of this stature. Continue reading

Film Review: I Origins

“What would you do if something spiritual disproved your scientific beliefs?” 

Science and spirituality is at the forefront of Mike Cahill’s second directorial feature. If that doesn’t already excite you, perhaps you have never had those intense, elongated conversations about either or both of the subjects. Two of the most divisive subjects in human history are the real stars of Cahill’s second film; a promising feature centered on bold claims, knowledge and questioning. Continue reading

Film Review: Young & Beautiful

The topic of teenage sexuality has always been a fascination of French auteurs and French cinema in general. Exploring the many fascinating avenues of contemporary sexual decision making and the choices of many multi-layered characters within the countless French narratives revolving around adolescents, François Ozon’s latest Young & Beautiful is a mysteriously alluring tale of carnal choices and fateful meetings that shape the life of its protagonist Isabelle (played marvelously by Marine Vatch in a star-making performance) and the people’s lives she touches upon her decision to become a prostitute in modern day Paris, France.  Continue reading