Film Review: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Many of the greatest writers to have ever lived wrote their stories and ideas whisked under the heavy smoke of dive bars and speak easy’s in New York City; basked in the heavy odour of dried gin, bourbon and whiskey, some of the world’s literary genius’ stories have been told on the silver screen over the last few decades. Can You Ever Forgive Me?, I can assure you, is not one of those stories.

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Night Film Reviews’ Best and Worst Films of 2016

Each and every year, as the age of cinema increases, so does the skepticism of the art forms relevance and focus. Ever since doing a “Best of” list to showcase the best that cinema has to offer each and every year, there is always someone or a group of people declaring that the end of cinema; its ultimate demise, is upon us. Yet, this year, moreso, than any other year, phrases such as “profoundly moving”, “the reason we go to the movies”, and “historical achievement” are just some of the many phrases thrown around to more than one of the films released in 2016. Continue reading

Film Review: Dom Hemingway

There comes a time in every clean, charming actor’s career where the prospect of playing the bad guy is just as exciting as playing the good guy. Jude Law has been an actor who has played the good guy for the last two decades with dignity and compassion; from a sophisticated playboy in Alfie, to a artificially intelligent gigolo in A.I: Artificial Intelligence, to young, lost writers in Closer and the recent The Grand Budapest Hotel, it’s clear that Law’s time to wreck havoc is now.  Continue reading