TIFF19 Film Review: The Sound of Metal

Written By: Riyan Bajric

The sound of trees, the sound of distant traffic, the sound of coffee dripping into a pot, Darius Marder’s directorial debut Sound of Metal is a study on the sounds of humanity, beauty and growth. Continue reading

Night Film Reviews’ Best and Worst Films of 2016

Each and every year, as the age of cinema increases, so does the skepticism of the art forms relevance and focus. Ever since doing a “Best of” list to showcase the best that cinema has to offer each and every year, there is always someone or a group of people declaring that the end of cinema; its ultimate demise, is upon us. Yet, this year, moreso, than any other year, phrases such as “profoundly moving”, “the reason we go to the movies”, and “historical achievement” are just some of the many phrases thrown around to more than one of the films released in 2016. Continue reading

TIFF 16: Infinite Views

Here it is, it is once again time and amongst us again, the Toronto International Film Festival, or, more famously referred to as, TIFF. TIFF or TIFF16 if you are hash tagging anything this year, is the 41st Year of the Toronto International Film Festival, and we couldn’t be happier to share our third year covering the fest. This year more than every year, we are covering more films, have some big name interviews coming your way and have a ton of fun, exciting and new content for all our readers.  Continue reading

Film Review: Nightcrawler

In 2012, Aaron Sorkin piloted a television program that educated, informed and entertained by nit-picking the issues of modern day television broadcasting, information distribution and most of all, societal perception. Luckily, I was able to stumble upon a clip of the opening monologue of the show via YouTube, which was recommendation by a friend. The monologue, delivered by Will McAvoy, played by the audacious Jeff Daniels, is single handedly, one of the greatest monologues in television history, describing the issues with contemporary American politics, government, its people and most of all, the media. Approaching its third (and final) season, The Newsroom has proved to be a champion of debunking the public’s predictive perspective of hyped up terror scares, exploitation news broadcasting and television, as well as ginned up controversy. Continue reading