Film Review: At Eternity’s Gate

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The 90th Academy Awards: Full Nomination List

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Film Review: The Fault In Our Stars

I have never been surrounded by so many teenage girls before until I sat down to watch this film. During an early screening of the alluring teenage film adaptation of John Green’s novel The Fault In Our Stars, I was surely the minority of the sexes. To be honest, I don’t think I knew exactly how outnumbered I was until the film’s tragic scenes unfolded, delivering a current of waterworks and overwhelmingly loud wails of screaming, crying and sniffling, predominantly from female audience members. This early screening of the film was jam-packed, and had me sitting only a row away from the massive screen. If Josh Boone’s film adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars taught me anything, it’s to never underestimate the power of teenage girls and their ability to pack theaters and show their support for films and books they love. Continue reading

Review–Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Leaving us on the cusp of coming…to any real closure with our young protagonist Joe (Stacy Martin), von Trier throws quite the curve ball with his character and the overall story, allowing the narrative to take an unexpected turn. After five chapters in the life of Joe’s deranged and numb life, we continue into her sexual escapades as she becomes a woman, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. Nymphomaniac: Volume II picks up exactly where Volume I left off, and doesn’t leave any sex or shock behind. Instead, Volume II is the overly stimulated, ultra aroused, and intellectually charged sexual explicit drama that Volume I never was.

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Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughter house that was once known as humanity”.  If there was ever a quote to sum up the films of Wes Anderson, this would be high on the list. Highly inventive, absurd, and at times, narratively incoherent, Anderson’s eighth feature film is a grand, accommodating feature whose self is probably not as grand as the cast it has rounded out.

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